What do we know about WebVR?

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We all know that Virtual Reality has been among us for a few years now with all kind of different sets available in the market to give it a first try.

The fight is now on a second round where specialists are working hard against the clock in order to deliver products and devices with best accessibility and usability features. Only the winner will taste the prize of glory by getting ahead of their competitors.

Meanwhile the ever-present Google is not falling behind. They introduced two different headsets in accordance with everyone’s budget. The most cost-effective one is Cardboard, launched in 2014. The second one was developed later, in 2016, and is called Daydream. It comes with a controller and washable fabrics in different colors.

An image of Daydream, Google’s VR headset


Anyway, what’s really innovative and worth to mention today is not these headsets, but what we’ve read in the news early this month about Google. They have finally released the WebVR, something that opens new doors to the way we apply VR technology. From now on, those Daydream users with a compatible VR phone do not need to download apps. They can enjoy the Virtual world from their own Chrome browser.

This change represents an advantage because we can navigate from one experience to another without the need of installing anything. Our user experience flows easily as we nose around this 3D world with fewer disruptions.

Screenshot from VR Player PRO


Other major companies such as Firefox, Oculus and Microsoft have already shown their interests in joining the team to offer their services too. All in all, this has been possible thanks to a special API (Application Programming Interface) serving as a kind of communication channel. This API allows VR apps and hardware to exchange information so that users can easily access all the services in a web browser.

Just to show you how serious it looks, the W3C is already trying to settle standards and regulations in WebVR. So let’s see how big this all eventually gets.

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