Bill Gates founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975, when he was still a student in Harvard University. He managed to sell the Operating System MS-DOS to IBM back in 1980 and became Steve Jobs toughest competitor with Microsoft Windows.

Founder & CEO of Tesla Inc. –and other techie societies of high value– a company selling electric and luxury vehicles, as well as energy. Tesla is popular to combine technology with cars, reaching the self-driving machines last October 2016.

Japanese entrepreneur known to be the founder in 1889 of Nintendo, as it is known nowadays. It all started with the manual production of a set of playing Japanese cards.

Ginni Rometty is current CEO by IBM, a job she’s leading since 2012. She became the first female president of the company ever. Forbes included her in the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in 2011.’s founder and CEO. He first started opening an online bookshop in 1995, which has become one of the biggest e-commerce and a wide range of other cloud-based services in the globe.

They both are Google’s founders, a tech company based in Internet-based services and products. Some of the flagship products are the content search engine and Gmail’s email service, among many others.

She was appointed Yahoo! CEO in 2012. Marissa is an AI specialist and professor at Stanford University. During her first professional years, she worked at Google and became the first woman in its engineer team.

A young entrepreneur known to be Facebook’s founder. He created the company with some student fellows at Harvard University in 2004. After getting over serious privacy issues with this new social network, the platform is nowadays one of the most powerful marketing tools in the digital era.

This former executive of The Walt Disney Company and eBay is now Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s CEO since 2011. Reconsidering PC business for the company has been one of her wisest decisions while in charge of the HPE.

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Apple Inc.’s founder in 1975, focused on developing and selling personal computers, and launching the first Macintosh model in 1984. Today, the enterprise is the world’s largest IT company in terms of revenue.